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Does the Mac user in your family need innovative Apple toys or accessories to make their computer time more productive far more fun?

Someone you know it’s time someone understand started enjoying the functionality having using an Apple product.

Going solar is more than a green renovation; it’s an investment that equalizes a property owner’s relationship with energy consumption.

If you’re unsure about the process of determining what the right size of a solar panel system for your property should be, or more importantly, the bottom-line cost, we’ll get you up to speed with the latest.

Think outside the building You are not constrained to your rooftop space if you go with off-site solar energy models.

Are you researching the size of a solar panel because you are concerned about the weight?

It is a common solar energy myth that regular roofs cannot withstand the size of a solar panel.

You will be glad to learn that the whole array: panels, racking, inverters and all only weigh an average of 2Ibs/sq. That is the same weight of one layer of standard shingles.

A ballasted system on a flat roof (no penetrations) might weigh up to 5lbs/sq.

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