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After a report is filed, the social workers investigate the situation by conducting a home visit or some form of face- to-face contact with the abused, neglected, or exploited client.Social workers design a case plan and work in collaboration with community agencies, such as Senior Centers, Public Guardian, and the Department of Consumer Affairs.She worked as a school administrator for over 10 years on the East and West Coasts. She credits much of her success working with students who learn differently to her personal education background and studies which have focused on education, development and psychology.

While earning his degree Joshua was also actively involved in the world of academics, tutoring students at the college level in the areas of Math, Science, and Music.Taking into account growth and development at various life stages, the field of Human Development examines a wide range of subjects—including public policy, health, education, law, business organization, wealth, and culture. Pacific Oaks’ Human Development degree programs introduce the sociological, emotional, biological, and psychological factors that contribute to an individual’s development.Our unique perspective focuses on how culture and systems of oppression impact development.Graduates from Human Development degree programs have found work in various industries, including for-profit, nonprofit, business, education, healthcare, and global organizations.Dani has been a respected member of the FEG team for over 5 years.

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