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Abuse can be physical, psychological, or sexual in nature.

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Cost sharing usually involves a sliding scale so that programs are still accessible for low-income seniors.

See our Senior Housing Guide to learn more about the types of senior housing.

Through the year, Green's Parks and Recreation Division offers a variety of recreation programs for adults.

GENERAL INFORMATION Staffed by College Now Adviser, Jason Miller Phone: 330-319-2491 Email: [email protected]: mrjasoncmiller ​Hours of operation: Office hours vary due to outreach and special events so counseling appointments are strongly recommended.

Please contact Jason Miller by email or call 330-319-2491. By 2018, nearly 60 percent of Ohio’s jobs will require postsecondary education.

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    “The word suggests that we develop relationships not for the simple value of the person we call ‘friend,’ for the pleasure of being in a community of people and for the simple joys of sharing bonds of affection and common care, but that we instead develop these relationships out of some sort of expectation of a monetary reward.” – Collette Coullard, Sault Ste. Early in 2014, Steve Kaufman of Houston, Tex., could be heard screaming, “I’ve only heard it twice and already know by the end of the year I’ll want to scream.” “Short-form for ‘crazy’ and sometimes just one ‘cra.’ I hear kids (including my 6 yr. ‘That snowstorm yesterday was ‘cra-cra.'” – Esther Proulx, Sault Ste. Further, I am not aware of any team or mascot that has the carrying capacity to be a nation.” – Kelly Frawley, Waunakee, Wisc. “People have taken pictures of themselves for almost as long as George Eastman’s company made film and cameras. “I twitch when I hear twerk, for to twerk proves one is a jerk — or is at least twitching like a jerk. “Society is changing and no longer is it odd for a man to take care of his children. “Every passing storm or event is tagged as ice-ageddon or snow-pocalypse.

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