Dating before divorce final

My husband and & I have been together for 8 years married for 2. In July I filed for divorce because he stopped communicating, staying out all night and leaving, not picking up the phone, hanging up on me, hiding his phone etc. Well then after I filed I found some things around the house that weren't mine such as some hair ties and a cell phone. I continued to find out he was still talking to her. I'm so fed up and have been trying to make it work. When do I tell him I'm married going through a divorce and have a kid? So, date when you're ready - and there's no point in asking anyone else advice on this...yourself what you want to do, how do you feel? And dating in that scenario is likely to just make things more complicated and painful.

Being.talking to someone else is a unwise attempt to fill the hole you have in your heart.

He continued to talk to her or see her but denied there was a relationship. Our lease was up at the end of august in our rental house so I found another house for me and our son. Last night at work I ran into a medical student who was asking me some questions about my patient. I left my marriage almost 2 years ago, and started dating soon after.

Well husband didnt have anywhere to stay so he came crying and crawling back. He has been laid off and his unemployment ran out a few weeks ago. We saw each other the day before when he was making rounds with the dr. There is a mandatory 1 year separation period here, so an immediate divorce wasn't an option anyway. If you still love your husband, I don't think you're ready to divorce him and you aren't ready to get involved with someone else.

I've become almost paranoid that she's going to have somebody watching me so she can claim adultery and prove to the world what I rotten husband I've been.

I'm just saying Irk, be careful and watch your back.

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