Fit guys dating

He'd take a girl with a Pretty Face who's average build who is no couch potato, than a girl with a "ehhh, not so great" face who is more toned but doesn't have a super-model body or anything. But in the end, don't rule yourself out, especially if he's shorter (as are you) -- if you're not in great shape but average overall that would blend in a crowd.If he's fit, but you have a pretty face and/or larger-than-average-boobs, you're in.I'd asked this question before but now I wanna know personally if you were somewhat of a gym rat or even just someone who was fit and toned, not a gym rat but clearly works out, would you ONLY be interested in fit girls??Or would you pursue a non fit girl or even allow a non fit girl to pursue you?I'm interested in a guy who's not a muscle god like Shaun T but he's toned, he's also small so he probably has a fast metabolism but anyways, I'm not fit in my opinion, I have chub on my stomach, I'm 5'1 and like 115-120, not fat but just some chub in areas.That being said I do occasionally workout, I have Insanity and I enjoy running and eating healthy, so I'm not a couch potato but I don't look like Ashy Bines, Michelle Lewin, Jillian Michaels etc.Now if the guy is very good looking, very fit, and has that laundry list of criteria that other women desire too..then that's a different story, because he has options. I'm pretty fit myself - more fit than he is, but I have plenty of curves - and he was always trying to fatten me up a little.At that point your main competition is other women, and THEN that's when you might need to be fit or toned, or basically not average or overweight. I didn't give in to that, but it was a nice change from your typical guy.

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Now, if he's just naturally fit & is a smaller guy in height -- given your dimensions, you very well may still be in luck. A guy shorter in height is going to give more leeway to a gal's body -- but if he's fit -- YES, she needs to at least be average in his demographic of girls.Would a fit guy or the guy I like go for me ya think? Virtually every girl I've dated has been significantly less toned and fitness oriented than myself.Although some have got more into it after spending more time with me. I just kept my body tone well and did not each junk food.I always hated looking at myself in the mirror next to them but I sure as hell didnt mind being with them lol There are not a lot of fit women out there to go around, especially the type of women you linked...those women are an exception and I can assure you they do not have a shortage of male attention already, so what makes you think these fit guys even have the option to date someone like that the majority of the time?This is just like your leagues through your head men don't have the options to be as picky as you think they do.

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