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The active poll is the poll that is being currently displayed on their devices.

You have a lot of control: You can deactivate the poll to remove it from their screens, or lock the poll so it no longer accepts responses.

Advanced uses include texting comments to a presentation, texting questions to a presenter, responding via the web, and SMS interactivity in print, radio, and TV.

You can respond by following the instructions shown on the poll when it is displayed. The format of your response is determined by the type of poll.

You can display your audience's answers in real time on a projector for everyone to see, or just on a laptop in front of the presenter.

Some polls are not used in live-event settings (for example, radio, print, or long-term exhibition polls), so a live display of results isn't that relevant.

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Their answers might be just one word, a short phrase, or an entire sentence.

When people are responding using text messages, you have several options for how they respond.

By default, your poll questions use the "Presenter session" method.

This makes responding very natural: First you ask an open ended question like, "What's your favorite letter of the alphabet? " Later, when you advance your slide to the next poll, we make it the active poll.

If the second poll is multiple choice and says, "How often do you go to the movies?

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