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They are destined to be together and experience the good, the bad, and the ugly.

That seems to be a theme in "Hang The DJ." The simulated versions of Frank and Amy can't deny their chemistry, but they do because it's what The System tells them.

It's only in the final moments of the episode in which the The episode, which will surely melt even the coldest of hearts, has already been compared to last season's feel-good episode "San Junipero," which ends with two elderly women choosing to live in a simulation together for all eternity than die alone.

It's something executive producer Annabel Jones thoroughly denied to “There’s a loneliness running through a lot of the show," she said.

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It's all been a test of their bond and they have passed with nearly flying colors since they have rebelled together 998 times out of a thousand simulations.

They are soulmates IRL, despite the fact that their romance has only played out in The System.

It's a saying that invokes logic, not love, but the idea that this technology is omniscient is comforting, even if it's untrue.

There's this sense that it will all be okay, so why stray away from that?

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