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Randy Blaser’s recent column (“When a town racks up charges, it’s the taxpayers on the hook,” July 12) continues to irresponsibly perpetuate a false impression that spending in the village of Glenview is excessive and wasteful.

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“With no car it”s hard to get off campus, so we just hang around the dorms a lot,” he said.

Winter weather can provide cheap fun though, Stevenson said. When snow covers the bushes near the Marriott Center, Stevenson and his friends said they go out and jump from the sidewalk into the snow-covered bushes.

Sara Haws, 18, a freshman from Redlands, Calif., who has not yet declared a major, said dating as a freshman is different than she had imagined.

“I”m not sure what I expected dating to be like, but it”s not that,” Haws said. Haws said she enjoys the restrictions of on-campus freshman dating because it makes people be more creative.

By Audrey Roach Moving away from home, living on your own and trying to figure out the opposite sex pose difficulties to college students.

Stevenson said often a lot of money goes into one date, and then students are left looking for other things to do.

The demographer, however, expressed caution about relying on predictions that exceeded a year span stating in part that ".

A secondary school is both an organization that provides secondary education and the building where this takes place.

Papa said she has never dated a guy her age because they are on completely different levels.

Although dating is sometimes difficult, Papa said she definitely likes living off campus better.

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