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Others grew frustrated when President Trump nominated and the Senate confirmed Betsy De Vos, a billionaire advocate of charter schools and private school vouchers, to lead the Education Department.

The passage of the No Child Left Behind law nearly two decades ago sparked the rise of a culture of standardized testing and narrowed the focus of instruction to math and reading, shortchanging other subjects.One recent afternoon, reading teacher Karen Mallard settled into a kindergarten classroom at Greenbrier Primary School in Chesapeake, Va., as young readers worked through a book about pets.Then, she headed home to brush up on Iran nuclear policy.“I ran to make education an issue,” said Mallard, whose campaign logo includes the silhouette of an apple.“In the classroom, teachers see the failed policies of Richmond and D. play out every day.” Driven by distaste for federal education policy and dismayed by the actions of state legislatures, teachers are running for office in unprecedented numbers, union officials said.

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