Paint dating

We also have a great range of paints and sealers that come in both clear and several other colours that can be used on surfaces such as tarmac, bitumen, asphalt, acrylic and block paving we also supply pot hole and patch repair material for use on driveways and paths that are in need of repair.

These high quality driveway, patio and cycle lane paints, sealers and coatings are only the very best products that are available on the market and we also have hard wearing resin bond which can be used to completely transform your driveways and paths.

When stopping for a break, or even overnight, wrapping rollers and brushes in cling film will prevent them from drying hard.A room should be well ventilated when you are painting.Have windows open to provide a good flow of fresh air.A two part epoxy based hygienic wall coating which has excellent wear/abrasion and chemical resistance.It is easy to clean on several surfaces, particularly ceramic tiles.

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