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All will amount to naught when ones life on this planet is over. To silence his critics and opponents and to keep them under his control, Duterte kills thousands of people, using policemen and military elements and those disguised as vigilantes.

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He is unable to control his mouth to hide dark secrets because he is cursed to reveal his alliance with the Devil. God so loves the Filipino people that in this very important time in history, He is exposing Duterte and enabling them to see the full reality of the existence of the Devil.

They cooperate with the Devil when they give their seal of approval to Dutertes serial murders, his constant lies, and filthy mouth and when they applaud his demonic policies with their smiles.

Only Satan himself and his demons hurl all kinds of profanities, insults, and mockeries against God.

We need to be always aware of his enmity and hatred for God and for us.

The murders of over 21,000 people under Duterte is a manifestation of demonic activity.

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