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Historically, young first-century converts who often left their family of origin were baptized into a new family, literally.They would be adopted into a Christian family who would take them in and care for them as their own if their parents disowned them.Whether looking to the culture, to their church experiences, or to other sources for a hint of advice, those who hold a single status hear from multiple people, from multiple sources, that they are not full people until they find their “better half.” We’re told to wait, yet are not validated before we fit an expected model. But what if there is another voice to be heard – in what sometimes feels like a wilderness of singleness?Scripture and early church history bear witness to a story that bucks both culture and religious culture.It’s a story that bases a person’s value not on status, family, gender, or background but on relationship – bearing the image of and capacity for relationship with his/her creator, through Christ.

I have no doubt that marriage is difficult too – just an admittedly different type of difficult.

It was Lonely Sunday – the Sunday after New Year’s, the busiest day of the year for singles and online dating.

It’s the kickoff for Lonely January, the busiest dating month of the year.

You met up with some of them when you gathered for worship – they arrived early or snuck in late or maybe they served communion or taught your kids or sung harmony.

You said hello and goodbye, and that night, you got the family ready for a week of work and school and everything in between.

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