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Some softplay ensued and 'Emma' in particular was lush, with some fab T&A which made my night, frankly...

not to mention our discussion about all the costumes she has in her wardrobe... ;-)*ob1 (52), Man on 26 July 2015 by Meeting in person: Met this genuine great couple again,good conversation and lots of fun.

Xx Papi Gee Himself xx*onnie and Jim (48), Couple on 28 January 2018 by Meeting in person:met this couple at black lush, very easy to chat with, hopefully meet again in the future and have a little play, easy going and fun x*BC BLACK LUSH PARTY UK (39), Man on 28 October 2017 by Meeting in person: Thanks for attending Our Party Last Night Black Lush Halloween Naughtiest Party 27th October 2017.

Hope to see you again at the next Party in November 24th BLACK LUSH Naughtiness Nurse Fucking Feast Party BTM&PG*lack Lush And White Lush (28), Couple on 30 September 2017 by Meeting in person: Thanks for attending Our Party Black Lush Naughty Night 29th September 2017.

Mr steed is a great bloke and Emma has a body to die for!

She looked so sexy in her stockings and high heels and her boobs are amazing! Had me cumming heavily ever after in no time at all!

A and M x*uniour1823 (32), Man on 6 July 2014 by Meeting in person: Had a horny meet at my place with this couple on Friday night and they are welcome back for more fun.

Sexy lady dressed to impress, hungry pussy and a very nice pair to meet. L x*ornyjj (40), Man on 2 July 2014 by Meeting in person: What can I say about this couple, they arrived at my special place in Leeds after exchanging messages and a phone call. We started to have some fun which was really good and intense.

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Had a great conversation about our mutal love of music & gigging, hope to see you guys again in the future Chris x*hibs (48), Man on 7 November 2016 by Meeting in person: Met this great couple last night when they came to mine. We had a few drinks & a good chat then got down to some sexy fun. andy n hazel xxx*c1966123 (51), Man on 17 January 2016 by Meeting in person: Meet up with the two lovely people at my party and they are very friend and had a good laugh it very nice to meet you hope you both plus hope to see you both again *tipes (50), Man on 19 December 2015 by Meeting in person: Met this couple a few weeks back, and if your into what they like you will have fun. Don't miss out on this sexy pair if ever you get the chance to meet them.E looked stunning for her erm interview, dressed really sexy and had my favourite on,stockings. E seemed a bit nervous to start but soon warmed up. Really hope we can meet again as now the my first meet nerves have gone we can have even more fun.I have to say the sound of her massive tits slapping as I was thrusting behind her was awesome.They are a fantastic pair,who make you feel at ease and love the social side of the lifestyle like we do.We are looking forward to seeing them again,hopefully with a sexier outcome.

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