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Sometimes a friend of his came along, a woman with long black hair who wore... “„I, Noé, is Domi right or are my ears just completely dead and am I deaf or what? No, I think that's right.“Vanitas grabbed his mobile in his pocket to hold onto something. I mean, I know where you work.“Vanitas giggled and wanted to slap himself for it not even a moment later.„I really enjoy drawing and gaming. I mean, I have no published books yet, but I'm working on one now which I'm also going to send to publishers. I don't know anything about my parents but Domi's grandpa took me in, that's why I know her.“And somehow, Vanitas felt lighter. I mean, I'm gay and she's lesbian, so that'd be very strange for both of us.“Vanitas also had to smile now.„Oh, ok.

In the beginning, Vanitas had simply thought of him a interesting but slowly he had fallen in love with him without realizing it. So yes, excuse any inaccuracies, ugh x D I live in a small village and next Starbucks is 100km from here, lol. x DAlso this is not good because I'm bad at fluff, I'm sorry. Usually he wasn't nervous at all when he went to Starbucks since he worked there and also visitted it after work with his little brother.

Dante and Johann were real little shits and he hated them with everything he had right now. Vanitas usually was able to keep his cool, but in front of Noé he was just suffering.„Alright, I'm thirsty, could we maybe go inside? Vanitas almost died from shock when Noé took his hand as if this gesture wasn't even something special, as if they had done it lots of times already which they hadn't. me too.“Noé led him to the door and held it open so that Vanitas could enter.

well, also mostly black and she probably did everything to make her figure look even better than it already was. “Jeanne was suddenly standing next to them.„You two, now stop stuttering, this is a date and not a stuttering competition, now hold hands and kiss and go home and do whatever things you want to do, but stop that stuttering, that's awkward.“Noé looked at her and gave her one of his smiles and Vanitas was feeling serious jealousy.

The two of them looked so different but they were getting along really well. And he was absolutely angry with Dante and Johann and Jeanne for arranging this.

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