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Needless to say, I grew up very “Asian.” But beyond my fond memories of the fragrant recipes that used to waft from the kitchen as my mother hummed her tunes, there was also a darker side to the remnants of the culture I grew up within. However, it has been a journey to continue to love him despite his abuse.Looking back, I could say that I effectively grew up without a father, though I can’t say I was absolutely devoid of a father figure. He is an incredibly sensitive and dedicated man, whose own demons have warped his redeeming traits into volatility and violence.

I have read someone saying he was into "Criminal Mind", (In Canada it's not on Netflix - only in US) but we went on the web to watch many episodes so far, and honestly, I did not see him. Well, if Daniel ever look at this page - I want to say: Bravo ! He doesn't have to say a word, and he still communicates a LOT. But maybe it is the korean manner for guys not to show any emotion? It's an ensemble cast so he doesn't have that much screen time,but he sure looks great whenever he' s on camera. Had to change continents a few times while growing up. As an EFL teacher, I developed an entire unit on him for my Korean middle-school and high-school girls. Love the "fish-out-of-cultural-waters" aspect of your role in "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon". I must confess I really have'nt been able to watch all of his movies but this much I know " he is the most beautiful man" ..really not the easiest person but I'll go to my knees n maybe break the tradition!!!!! 90% of the time it is far from a compliment when I say “You remind me of my father.” I’d like to think that I am far from the girl I was a few years back, but I know that due to my background, there are also many areas that have been stunted when it would have been normally developed already.If my psyche was a garden, there would be many areas that are too overgrown, dominant, and draining, while other parts would definitely require years of gentle, careful nurturing to bring the soil back to a state where it could even begin to sustain a seed.

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